Sales and Business Development manager - InnoBrain

Sales and Business Development at InnoBrain

With the vision of “Humanizing the Design, using Artificial Intelligence” InnoBrain is providing a UX & Usability evaluation platform to reveal the subconscious mind of consumers. InnoBrain combines the foundation of neuroscience with the power of AI to develop an automated UX & Usability evaluation platform by integrating different sensing modalities.

Forget long surveys and Yes or No questions to Customer Experience. InnoBrain measures the brain activities combined with other human biometrics to better understand consumers’ feelings and reactions to a product using or AI based algorithms. The platform can be used to impact a broad range of industries such as: Gaming, Food, Medical, Advertisement, Automotive, Industrial Design and Fashion, to name a few.

With a diverse mix and match team including Neuroscientists, AI experts, Software Engineers, as well as designers and Marketer, the platform provides UX & Usability results with increased reliability, reduced bias and prototyping time to industries. Currently our fundamental technology as well as our MVP is in place and now it is all about executing sales.


What have we done so far?

Over the past years:

  • We have built a team of seven people with concrete experience in neuroscience, artificial intelligence, software development, image processing, UI/design, mechatronics, and marketing.
  • We have developed an MVP of our product to early adopters in the medtech, industrial design and fashion industries.
  • Sold MVP product (together with consulting) to an early adopter in the medtech industry.
  • Secured over 1 MSEK in soft funding, e.g. from VINNOVA and private foundations.


What’s our next challenge?

We are now in a time to ramp up accelerating our commercialization, where we need a sales-oriented business developer and a potential founding partner. We have found multiple applications of our platform and see several market opportunities and different potential business models and strategies. Opportunities are plenty but so are the challenges. We need to get into partnerships and initiate sales, decide on the best market entry strategies, and in parallel pursue industrialization of our platform.

In order to scale up, we need to, in parallel do technical development and sell to more customers. On the tech side, we have the competencies we need to continuously work on the product. Where we need help from you is to scale up the sales efforts with the initial success from our first case as well as strengthening business side of our work.


Your challenge

This is where you can make a difference and play a crucial role! We’re looking for a candidate who can accelerate business development and grow the company. As a business developer at InnoBrain, your challenge is to do solution sales of the product. Other responsibilities will include business development, establishment of customer relationships, refining the business strategy and product roadmap.

We need someone that:

  • Use existing pilot projects to sell to new customers.
  • Do outbound sales activities.
  • Set up a process for solution sales of the product.
  • Work with the pricing and packaging of the product.
  • Sell the product in the various industries that we have.


Skills and Requirements

We are seeking a sales-oriented business developer. We expect you:

  • To be an entrepreneur being able to take company to the next phase!
  • Identify and establish customer contacts across different applications
  • Drive business development to close sales/agreements/partnerships
  • Develop the business strategy/model
  • Laying the basis for further company growth
  • Setting a roadmap for scaling up the sale

In order to succeed in the role we expect you to have:

  • Proven experience in marketing and B2B sales solution of complex products
  • Good at establishing, building, and maintaining customer relationships
  • Experience in negotiating and setting up agreements e.g. licensing, partnerships etc.
  • An entrepreneurial and result focused mind-set with a strong drive
  • Experience from running and building startup is highly meriting
  • Great communication skills. Fluency in both English and Swedish
  • Enjoy working with a product that is challenging the status quo.
  • Have experience from advertisement, gaming or medical industry.


What we offer

We offer an opportunity to join a start-up with a unique technology and many market opportunities, where you can make a difference and shape the direction that InnoBrain aims. Would you like to take part in this journey and shape yours and our future? We are seeking someone that wants to join a high aspiring start-up as co-founder with all the risks and rewards associated with it. We will offer you to become a co-owner of the company.

During the first 5-6 months the role will be structured as a part time consultancy assignment. Thereafter, the intention is for you to become a founding partner of the company. The level of involvement is depending on gained traction and customer interest but we foresee the person is able to initially spend at least 30-50% of full time on the project and be able to ramp this up to full time should this be necessary in the future.