KTH Innovation Pre-Incubator 2018 Graduation - InnoBrain

by Maria Pelagia
6 years ago


InnoBrain™ is graduating from the KTH Innovation Pre-Incubator.

It has almost been a year when we started at KTH Innovation Pre-Incubator. We are now heading to graduate from this fantastic stage of our startup life.

We are very proud and happy for our achievements and progress so far and for being given a chance to participate and showcase our work to the programs and conferences or showcases that found our project promising.

The Demo Day is planned for Thursday, May 31 at 4-7 PM, and the venue is Sydöstra Galleriet, KTH Library, Osquars Backe 31.

You are all welcome to attend the event and take the chance to meet our team and our current platform.