KTH Interview - InnoBrain

by Masih Davari
1 year ago

InnoBrain™, a cutting-edge technology company founded by KTH alumnus Mohammad Davari and his brother Masih Davari has revolutionized the field of brain wave analysis with its AI-based method. By automating brain wave analysis, the company’s technology has unlocked exciting possibilities for industrial applications, paving the way for increased efficiency and accuracy in a variety of fields.

Now, InnoBrain™ is taking its innovative technology to the next level. In March, the company will participate in Vinnova’s exclusive incubator program REACH, which connects promising startups with investors and innovation advisors in Silicon Valley. This unique opportunity will allow InnoBrain™ to showcase its groundbreaking technology to some of the most influential players in the tech industry, potentially leading to significant growth and success for the company.

You can read the full interview from KTH here.