Take a look at your customer’s brain.

We combine EEG and Eye Tracking technology as a way of providing deeper insights about how customers think and feel towards a specific product or service.

With our non-intrusive EEG headset, we record brain activity in order to see how the brain responds to your offering. Our AI-based algorithms can successfully provide the following insights from the analyzed brain signals:

  • Customer Approach – ‘I want that!’
  • Customer Engagement – ‘That’s Interesting!
  • Customer Workload – ‘That’s hard!’
  • Customer Distraction – ‘That’s strange!’

EEG technology can indicate the cognitive and emotional responses of brain activity which are then transformed by algorithms into valuable data.

EEG Headset: A comfortable wearable solution that provides insights about the emotional responses towards your product or service.
Our headset is adjustable to varying head sizes.

Eye Tracking Glasses
A wearable solution that provides insights about the visual elements of your product or service.

Detect and prevent usability failures early during the development process.

Step one

Exposing the users with any type of stimuli (physical or digital products).

Step two

Measuring the users’ reactions to stimuli using EEG technology.

Step three

Automated analyses of brain signals using AI-based algorithms.

Step four

Providing extracted features from brain signals in real-time and the possibility to interact and analyse the data.