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To help medical device companies reduce the usability failures of their products to ZERO

We provide an innovative BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) platform for brain analysis, to explore human emotions and cognitive behaviour and empower organizations to make better decisions.


From 2009 to 2019, around 2 million injuries were associated with faulty medical devices, according to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.


The investigation also showed that 80,000 deaths were caused by usability related of.


Around 36% of problems associated with faulty medical devices are attributed to poor usability design issues.

Million $

The average cost to bring a medical product from concept to market costs around $31 million.

Million $

Of that cost $24 million – 77% – is attributed to regulatory and FDA-related activities.

What we offer


Analyse, learn and predict how your consumers will behave


Real-time UX evaluations to rewire user behavior and drive your KPIs


Explore brain data to promote human insights for your R&D

Detect and prevent usability failures early during the development process.

Step one

Exposing the users with any type of stimuli (physical or digital products).

Step two

Measuring the users’ reactions to stimuli using EEG technology.

Step three

Automated analyses of brain signals using AI-based algorithms.

Step four

Providing extracted features from brain signals in real-time and the possibility to interact and analyse the data.

Your Benefits

Diverse and Inclusive Data

 Involve users such as the elderly, children or people with communication problems in usability testing.

Unbiased and objective results

Go beyond the biases included in traditional usability testing methods and receive objective results.

Faster Evaluation

Reduce the evaluation time by 60 – 70%, by using a real-time analysing platform that is adaptable to customer needs.

High Value, Less Cost

Saving up to 50% of the time and costs of the development

Suitable for complex products/scenarios

Easily adaptable to evaluate complex products with a complex usability evaluation process.


AI-based algorithms are employed to automate brain signal analysis.

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The second runner up of the Business Challenge Sweden 2019.

The winner of the SKAPA Innovation prize 2019 “in the memory of Alfred Nobel”, Stockholm region.

A recognized member of Swedish AI landscape.