We are taking

Human Cognitive Monitoring System™

at scale.


Human Safety and Performance are at the core of a sustainable product


By focusing on the human brain as the source of insights and information


An AI-Enabled Brain-Computer Interface with a Cognitive Data Platform

A Real-time AI-enabled Platform Solution
(Hardware Agnostic)

Our Offerings

Performance Monitoring

Real-time Insights for Safer Journeys!

Real-time insights into drivers / operators’ performance during transit, enhancing safety and efficiency.

Comfort Analytics

Enhancing Comfort Across Mobility Scenarios!

Leveraging insights to assess comfort biomarkers for passengers, drivers, and operators across diverse mobility scenarios.

Human-Machine Interaction

Optimizing Cooperative Performance!

Elevate the synergy between humans and machines with a unique tool for evaluating and optimizing their cooperative performance.

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Recognitions & Awards

The winner of the SKAPA Innovation prize 2019 “in the memory of Alfred Nobel”, Stockholm region.

Selected by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) in its 2022 top 100-list within the Deep tech category

A recognized member of the European AI landscape.

The second runner-up of the Business Challenge Sweden 2019.

Pitch winner of the International Entrepreneurs’ Night 2018 in Munich

The finalist of the Stockholm Innovation Scholarship 2020