We are moving to a new era where autonomous mobility will be a part of our daily LIVES

But we must go through a transition phase taking us from the manual driving to the fully autonomous mobility and that is where the concept of semi-autonomous and teleoperated vehicles will emerge. And to overcome the transition barriers it’s essential to have reliable and suitable tools to assure safety and create human trust to the technology.

How it works

It’s a cycle:

    1. Starts with task distribution by control tower to different tele-operated drivers
    2. Collecting drivers brain waves based on our protocols and equipments
    3. Sending the data into our AI-based analyzing algorithms on cloud
    4. Extracting driver’s cognitive state and predicting safety critical moments
    5. Sending the results back to control tower in real time to help them monitor the driver’s health status and prevent the upcoming accidents

Our Technology

we have developed a platform using our AI-Based algorithms that can analyses people’s brain signal and track their emotional and cognitive states while driving or riding.

We have combined the automotive knowledge with Cognitive Science and the essence of design to create our platform, all based on needs that we’ve learned from our collaboration with the automotive industry using our
Proof of Concept.

Partners & Customers

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Recognitions & Awards

Selected by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) in its 2022 top 100-list within the Deep tech category

The winner of the SKAPA Innovation prize 2019 “in the memory of Alfred Nobel”, Stockholm region.

A recognized member of the European AI landscape.

The second runner-up of the Business Challenge Sweden 2019.

Pitch winner of the International Entrepreneurs’ Night 2018 in Munich

The finalist of the Stockholm Innovation Scholarship 2020