Medical Innovation Bootcamp Invitation - InnoBrain

by Maria Pelagia
6 years ago


InnoBrain™ takes part in the Medical Innovation Bootcamp.

Our startup is invited to the Medical Innovation Bootcamp as a showcase. The program is held by Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship in Sweden and by the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management in the USA.

The bootcamp is showcasing some of the most promising innovations within health and life-science which are considered as one of the leading areas of economic growth in the world. At the bootcamp, startups are learning the skills required to provide a fast production market analysis of an ambitious medical technology that has the potential to save lives and reinforce economic growth in the medical industry.

The program consists of lectures and visits from innovators around and within Stockholm, gathering experts from fields such as entrepreneurship, policymaking, business and finance.

Participants have the opportunity to work in teams with students of the Carlson School of Management and benefit from vital, resume-building experience by working on a live project.